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Do we all not like our privacy? Almost all of us have accounts in various social media networks like Facebook, twitter, tumblr, pinterest, linkedin, myspace etc. We upload a lot of personal materials in our social media accounts. Some people even tweet in break-ups also. But we all follow a fine line while posting personal info to any social media network. We do not cross a certain personal limit. That limit may vary from a person to another. But my basic point of view is that we all love privacy, though the degrees may vary. There is another strong example of our obsession with privacy. We never express hundred percent of what we are thinking and feeling to our spouses. Why that happens? That happens only because of our love for privacy. But nowadays there are plenty of unwanted things happening in the world of the internet which is butchering our privacy online.

Who are those people?

Three groups of people are primarily involved in the murder of our online privacy. The first group will include those working on various government intelligence set up. They are continuously watching your each and every online move. They know what you eat, where you go and with whom you are dating. They are doing it in the name of national security. Some countries are openly doing it and some are doing in a covert manner. But nowadays it has become an open secret that every country’s intelligence agencies are murdering the right to privacy of their citizens.

The second group of people consists of identity thieves and online hackers. They hack your personal data online, replicate those and sell for commercial gains. Some hackers do it purely for fun!

Then comes the third group of privacy violators. This group includes all the online services that are masking themselves as ethical business entities but rely upon user information to grow their business. They track your personal activities and later hit you with targeted commercial offers. Is this not a gross violation of your right to privacy? The best way to protect you from all these privacy attacks is to go for a VPN service. It helps you to surf the web anonymously.

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