Why You Should Not Buy A Paid VPN?

VPN is an acronym for the words Virtual Private Network. It’s a private network which is run on top of a public medium, for example the internet. This advanced technology helps an individual or a business entity to encrypt their data in transit and protect their identities online. Moreover a VPN service is useful to unblock geo-blocked websites. In addition to this the service is used to hide IP addresses and surf the web anonymously.

Cost of a VPN and other aspects

VPN is not a cheap service. A lot of expenditures are involved in the creation, maintenance and up gradation of a VPN service. Moreover nowadays product owners spend a lot for online marketing too. So considering all these facts it seems like a VPN service will cost you a lot. But the reality differs.

VPN services are quite affordable for all. This is so because the market for VPN is continuously growing. So, it is a volume game for the VPN makers and marketers. Above that some people are offering free VPN services too. How is that possible? Actually free VPN sellers combine various advertisements of different products with their free service. So, though they are free from outside but the associated ads earn the revenue for the owner. Moreover, sometimes the free VPN is used just as a bait to promote other high priced back end products to the customer.

One of the best paid VPN service in the market is charging its customers $11 a month. If you do not want to invest any money in a VPN product then a free VPN is best for you. But while doing that you should understand that you will not get good and steady speed from a free VPN service. They might keep logs of your usage which is not recommended and they might not have enough servers and IP addresses to help you surf the web anonymously for longer periods. So, if you are ready to compromise on these aspects; if you are running short of money and if you are not a dedicated user of the internet then a paid VPN is definitely not for you. Instead, you can go for a free VPN.

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Why You Should Buy A Paid VPN?
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