Why you should go for a free VPN?

VPN is a great tool to surf the internet anonymously. Moreover if you are looking for a tool to unblock websites then VPN is the ultimate solution. VPN simply stands for Virtual Private Network. It’s quite easy to set up a VPN connection. You need not posses advanced technical degrees to master the VPN software.

Types of VPN

There are mainly two types of VPN from the cost point of view-paid and free. Paid VPNs are definitely better than free VPNs. Whether it is speed, reliability, extended security or added features, paid VPNs stand far apart from free VPNs. Still I would like to recommend free VPNs for some. Let us explore together.

Free VPN features

In terms of basic functions and operational procedure free VPNs are similar to paid VPNs. Moreover you do not need all the added features provided by a paid VPN. Then if you do not use the internet on a regular basis then paid VPNs are of no use for you. Let’s dig deeper.

Free VPNs are perfect for you if….

If you are not a heavy internet user and use it sparingly then you should not bother about paying any money on paid VPNs. Rather a free VPN will perfectly suit your needs. Iif you do not have any interest in foreign online TV channels then you do not need a paid VPN. If you are not a download addict and most of the sites you want to access from your home country are not blocked by your local government then never bother about a paid VPN. On the other hand small businesses do not need to invest money in paid VPNs. Moreover if you have never used VPN before then it is advisable to go for a free VPN first to make yourself accustomed to the software. If you are not much enthusiastic about using a free VPN then there is a solution for you. Most of the top notch paid VPNs have a free demo version with limited features. You can use them till their demo license is valid.

So, under some circumstances free VPNs are much better for you than a paid VPN.

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