What is VPN Connection


A virtual private network connection just creates a connection to a remote network. That is its main function. It basically puts your computer on the physical network of the network you are connecting through VPN.

The VPN connection is a secured computer network that is used as additional software platform on a network which exists for generating a secure connection into an insecure network called internet. An old proverb says that ‘Prevention is better than cure’. So here VPN connection can relate with that proverb. Because, if you want to connect your device with VPN, it automatically make secures your network first, and prevent to arise a big issue on internet security.

Most companies use VPN so that their employees can use the important document, files etc. in a secure network and can share with each other whenever needed, but you can also implement the network for your own as your wish when you are on any remote places.

VPN connection mainly used by large organization and corporate organizations as it wants to give their employees to work with ease as well as fuss free. With this connection they can work from home and can connect to their regional office and head office. Actually those organizations which want to need secure connections they can use that connection. With that connection you can connect with the World Wide Web but at the same time your identity will be hidden and you can access with that connection with great security. Now days as various companies is coming to realize the need of VPN connection to their network. It gives you the desirable features of speed, security as well as reliability & functionality with an affordable cost.

Why You Require a VPN Connection

  1. You can use it to connect securely to a remote network through the internet.
  2. If you want to connect multiple connections more securely and conveniently it will be very useful to install a VPN connection.
  3. With VPN connections you can access internet to connect your network from everywhere you want as it is from any hotel or any shop, securely. Because VPN prevent those hackers who is trying to hack your password
  4. A good reason to use VPN connection is that it does not follow the regional restrictions. So you can access internet facility worldwide, through internet with a high security option.

There are two types of VPN connections. Those are illustrated below.

Remote access VPN

Remote access VPN connections provide users working from home to access a server on a private network using the infrastructure provided by a public network, such as the internet.

Site-to-site VPN

Site-to-site VPN connections provide organizations for connecting between different offices or with other organizations over a public network with a secure communication service.

Connecting to a network it is recommended to use the VPN connection to your device to ensure a secure browsing .It is a good practice to prevent hackers and make sure that your private matter is confidential to the outsiders to prevent unwanted problems in your path.

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