What Is The Difference Between Proxies And VPN

vpn_logo_smallVPN and proxies have been used over the years by users who wanted to gain access to blocked online services by concealing their identity.  Although they are both used to provide the same services, there are major differences between the two especially in their functionality. So what is the difference between the two?  Let’s take a look at the two of them individually so as to better understand the difference between the two and hence understand which one will best suit your particular needs.


A proxy basically acts as a web filter and usually protects the server by applying its settings to the internet browser. Whether you are using Safari browser, Internet Explorer, Firefox or any other browser, a proxy server will provide you with the benefits you should be getting such as speed, security and most importantly geographical anonymity.  But the problem is that the proxies will only provide these benefits to traffic that are coming in via the internet browser using the proxy settings.  This means that it is likely that the proxy will not be compatible with certain web pages and certain applications that will directly be granted internet access without the use of a browser.


On the other hand VPN will work by encrypting all your traffic, and replacing your ISP which it routes through the VPN server. This includes all the applications and programs that will gain internet access without having to use the browser. Therefore VPN will most likely provide your entire system with all rounded protection when compared to a proxy.  VPN will also provide you with the added benefit of the ability to turn it on or off and will give you better bandwidth such that you will be able to enjoy certain services that you wouldn’t be able to if you were using proxies.

It is easy to see why a good VPN network will offer you better services than a proxy provided that you get the right provider for your needs. A good VPN network will also protect your server better than a proxy. A good choice is IPVanish.

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