What is Internet Proxy?


Internet proxy or simply proxy is the server which behaves like a barrier between the client or web user and the remote server of the website. The web user or the client sends request to proxy server, then the proxy server resends this request to internet and at the end proxy server sends request from internet back to the user. The process of internet proxies has various means of uses. Some common proxies with their functions are listed below:

  1. Anonymous Proxy: These are the types of proxies which are used for eliminating identifying information from the client request. A popular example of this type of proxy is the one which allows the user to gain access to Myspace when he/she is at work.
  2. Web Proxy: This type of proxy is used to have a close look at the traffic over the internet. These proxies are generally used by corporations, schools and some countries to block offensive and inappropriate web content and also to control internet access of the clients.
  3. Forced Proxy: This proxy is used to handle the client requests to the web. Due to this feature the name of the proxy is “forced”. It is really astonishing that at most of the time the client remains unaware that he/she is actually using a proxy.
  4. Open Proxy: This proxy enables anyone to connect and then use it. Spammers may exploit and misuse the services of this proxy. As a result some websites may block traffic coming from recognized open proxies to their servers.
  5. Caching Proxy: This proxy has the ability to send the request to the web user or the client without even contacting the server on the remote side. It achieves this with the help of the information that was sent earlier to the server on the remote side.

Since it is clear that internet proxies help us by providing online security we must be very careful while setting up a proxy. A faulty or erroneous setup can produce an unsafe proxy. Some important steps should be followed while setting up the proxy:

  • We should try to use a good anonymous proxy. Both free and paid proxy servers are available on the internet. One can opt for a free proxy server but it should be kept in mind that the paid proxies offer effective anonymity than the free proxies. Therefore choice of a good proxy is amust for getting effective online security.

After the choice of a good proxy server is made, we must configure the internet browser in order to use it. The process differs from one browser to another. For Internet Explorer, we first open Internet Explorer, select connection from Internet connection, then select the button for dial-up connection or LAN and then click on settings. After that we must enable the option “use a proxy server” and then enter the IP address of proxy – which we must have with us prior to the setup. Then we must enter the port in the relevant fields. After clicking on “OK” twice our setup is complete.

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