What is a VPN?

If you are an avid internet user then you are no alien to the term VPN. But what does this VPN mean? VPN simply stands for Virtual Private Network. In this article you will get a glimpse of the overall concept of VPN.

In simplest terms, a VPN can be termed as a private network which makes use of a public network such as the internet to provide connection between remote users, systems or locations. So, if you are unable to access a country specific website then you can pretend to be a citizen of that country and access the website with the help of a VPN service.

The common use of VPN for a regular internet user is connecting to proxy servers to safeguard his identity. But this technology is vastly used in organizational level too. When a company uses VPN then its employees become able to access the private network from outside the network too. In the process the security and safety of the private network is not compromised either. The VPN is regarded as a top yet cost effective tool for the purpose of 24×7 connectivity among geographically distant regional offices of a large business entity. Any VPN service extensively uses advanced encryption techniques and data packets so as to provide maximum possible privacy to the user. You can use VPN services for any kind of data transmission. Moreover, you can establish a VPN connection from any device having access to the internet. Scalability is a major advantage of VPN. That means you can go on adding huge number of users or locations in a VPN network without any fear of low speed or data transmission failure.

There are mainly three kinds of VPN. The first one is virtual private dial-up networks or remote-access VPNs. Companies wanting to bring their employees spread over various locations under one connectivity loop go for this kind of VPN. Rest of the two types of VPN is basically site-to-site. The technology seems to be extremely difficult or complicated at the first sight. But once you get hold of the mechanism it becomes really easy to use on a day to day basis.

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