What is a virtual private network?

If you are looking for a simple yet effective definition of a VPN then it can be termed as a separate network which exists inside another network. Businesses having good number of workers working remotely rely upon VPNs or virtual private networks. The internet is a network itself. But this network is used to create another network which connects all the remote employees of a particular company or business entity.

Data security is a major concern of any business entity. That is why they spend a lot of money on data security systems and software. VPN is a superb solution for a company in terms of data security. When a company uses a VPN service, then all the data travelling within the network are encrypted. Those become available only to the authenticated users of the network or company. Those data cannot be intercepted.

VPN is useful for general masses also. Some of its other beneficiaries have been mentioned below.


VPNs are very useful for a common internet user like you too. If you are facing difficulty accessing the website of your favorite reality TV show just because you reside in a different country, then a VPN is the best solution for you. Then there are some countries which block certain websites on various security grounds. If you are a person with a free soul and want to access the network without any limitations then just sign up for a VPN service and explore the real meaning of the internet.

NGOs and small businesses

VPN holds a lot of value for NGOs and small businesses. Data security is a vital issue for both of these segments of the society. NGOs working in the social development sector deal with a lot of confidential data. They need to secure them at any cost. On the other hand small businesses cannot spend a lot of money in the name of data security. VPN is an effective solution for both of them. It is cheaper than its alternatives and provides maximum security to any kind of data. So, nowadays the number of NGOs and small businesses using VPN is increasing exponentially.

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