What is a Virtual Private Network


The greatest asset of the internet is that the internet has a universal edge to it and is also known for its openness.  But this is its greatest weakness also.  On the internet the privacy rules are regularly being flouted. Every little move you make on the internet is being watched and recorded and supervised.  One aspect is certain that anything you do on the internet is not confidential. It is because no documents or information is quite safe once exposed over the internet. The VPN is perhaps an answer to the problem. The VPN is perhaps the easiest way to get access into the company confidential data over the company’s internal network. A VPN server used for the purpose helps to secure data on the company’s internal network. The importance of making data and information secure is rising day by day.


You can trust your Virtual Private Network provider with the security of your data and because it is upon them you have shifted the responsibility to keep all of your data safe. You have to learn to trust your VPN provider. A Virtual Private Network comes in handy if you are using a smart phone, a tablet or laptop when and you are travelling with these gadgets. In these cases a VPN will be used in different ways. It can be used by private individuals and by corporate houses. A Virtual Private Network works by connecting computers on a public network known as the internet. Two computers connect with a VPN connection and transfer data between each other in an encrypted form. If data is exchanged in an encrypted form nobody is able to view the information. If the data is in the encrypted form it is safe from eavesdroppers and interception.

When there are two branches of the same office and they are located in different parts of the country then they might need to set up a VPN network. The technology of encrypting data, creating tunnels and putting them in data packets are a sure shot way of keeping the data safe.  Another use of the VPN is to enable the user on the internet to browse anonymously.  It is useful because the web sites that you click upon come to know your IP address, location, screen resolution ISP and lots of other information.  Spying on your activities on the internet can be stopped with a VPN.


Individuals, for example, often use a smart phone, tablet or laptop at a Wi-Fi hub of café, hotel or train station where the activities are monitored. A VPN helps to overcome this problem. In the web market there is available free and paid types of Virtual Private Network. The paid VPN needs a monthly subscription to be signed between the subscribers. On the other hand if you take up the free version of the Virtual private Network available on the internet, it can slow down your speed. Some of the free VPN are supported by advertisements and are thus are not very useful.

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