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The concept of VPN is related to the safety and security over the internet. The VPN allows using a public network like the internet in a way that it can be used as a private network. The use of VPN is going to make it unlikely that our information will be seized by any outside intruders. A VPN is that which allows connecting with an organization’s network by remote persons or offices in a safe and secure way.  It is till around the end of 1990s that the concept of leased lines was applied to the cause of connecting computers on a network.


Before the advent of VPN the business houses spent many hundred thousand bucks to set up private networks which were difficult to apply usually known as the Intranets. These networks did not come cheap and there were preparations made to use the technology of leased lines, Frame Relay and ATM to make the conditions convenient for the remote users. Previously the remote access servers called the ISDN were used for connecting with the remote employees.  The companies who did not have enough financial resources were bound to accept low speed switched services.  As the bandwidth capacities increased and as the concept of internet became more popular among the people the technology people began to bring into existence the Extranets. Though, we can not do without the internet these days we keep nagging about the problem of security on the internet.


The VPN makes use of the twin concepts of tunneling and encryption to maintain integrity and security of the data. As because privately owned leased lines services are not used in the technology of VPN the VPN cost overwhelmingly less when compared to the former technology.   The use of the VPN technology is hassle free and is yet reasonably priced. By using the VPN technology the team associates of an assignment, business partners and remote branch offices all can be connected from the organization’s network at very little cost. There are cost reductions in a variety of fields like long distance charges, fees for the leased lines and equipment ranges.   The concept of a tunnel makes the VPN really private as because in case of a VPN even though you are on the internet you are secure from hackers and spammers who dwell on the internet. In reality you are on the network of your company.


Though the concept of a tunnel gives us the idea of a fixed path it is not really the case. Only the recipients of your communicated message can get access to your information. The tunneling technology encapsulates your network protocols within the IP protocol thus keeping you anonymous. Encryption is actually a technique for coding and decoding of your valuable information. At the last parts of the tunnel on either sit hardware and software which encrypts information while leaving and entering the computers. The information is coded into cipher text before the information leaves the computer for the tunnel. At the receiving end of the computer on the other side decrypts the message back into clear text.

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