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With so many VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) available, it can help to get some advice on which one’s best for you. Previously, I compared two VPNs to way up their respective pros and cons. In this post I’ll be comparing one of the VPNs from this previous contest (VyprVPN), and seeing how it fairs against another – Hidemyass.



As mentioned in my earlier post, one of VyprVPN’s main selling points is its encryption. With a basic 128bit PPTP protocol as standard, at the very least you’ll be getting tight security. If, however, you decide you want something a little more robust, then there’s a pro package available with 256bit encryption. Another great thing about VyprVPN is that it is widely compatible, with apps for most operating systems, meaning that you’re only ever a few clicks away from this great VPN service. However, there is a downside: Logs. VyprVPN keeps records of its users activities. Whilst they do not publish or sell on this information, for some the whole point of getting a VPN is the comfort of anonymity. As such, where VyprVPN wins out in terms of security against other VPNs, this is one part of their service that shouldn’t go unmentioned.



This is where Hidemyass comes in. Unlike VyprVPN, Hidemyass doesn’t keep logs. If we were comparing VyprVPN to some other VPNs, the fact that they keep logs might not be such a big deal – however, with the impressive  security offered by Hidemyass, as well as a bundle of custom features, Hidemyass looks to come out on top in this battle of the VPNs. To begin with, the ‘Secure Bind’ feature means that you can ensure application on your computer will only ever work when connected to Hidemyass. What this means, is that you can be sure that all of your computer is running securely, not just selected parts. As such, when it comes down to it, I have to say that Hidemyass beats VyprVPN. Great security, and no logs – there’s no question about it.

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