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As of late, there have been certain revelations about the state privacy on the internet in the United Kingdom, and in America, not to mention other countries. As such, browsing the web securely has never been so relevant. A lot of internet users now feel that they should be extra careful about using their computers and internet able mobile devices. Luckily, there’s a way to ease their worries, and it’s called a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Choosing a VPN can be slightly confusing, and before you even start to consider the different options out there, it’s good to get to grips with the basics of what VPNs do, and how exactly they do it.


The concept of a VPN is relatively simple. They are private networks through which users then access public networks like the internet, a securely and with anonymity. In laymen’s terms, VPNs allow people to browse the internet through a third party. By using different methods of encryption, a well as allowing you to assume one of their many IP addresses that span the globe, VPNs make it possible to surf the web securely and with anonymity. And the beauty of them is that they aren’t just limited to computers: These days, VPNs are usable on tablets and mobile phones, as well as your desktop or laptop computer.


We’ve seen what VPNs do. The next thing to consider is how they actually manage to achieve all of this. First we have to look at protocols. Protocols are basically the ways in which VPNs transfer information across the network, to and from your device. There are a number of different protocols, each with their own way of encrypting and carrying data across any given VPN, but on top of this, VPNs also make use of different servers that are situated in different locations. Often these locations are spread all around the world, meaning that you can assume the IP addresses that come with these locations. Thus, as well as having your information and personal identity kept safe by protocols and encryption, you can hide your location through a VPNs use of different servers. Thus, in this way a VPN gives you maximum security as well as anonymity.


That’s all there’s time for today, and hopefully you understand VPNs a little better now. If you’re looking for a top quality VPN, I can recommend Hidemyass. It does all of the things described above, plus more! For more information, click on the button below:

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