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VPN or Virtual Private Network is used for creating private networking system in an office or throughout the worldwide web. VPN create a safe and risk free networking system .VPN helps to keep your identity hidden. VPN masks your IP address with the assistance from the different servers situated in the 24 nations. It makes it impossible to find out the real IP address by the hackers. Even if the hackers are able to get to know the real IP address of the user, they will be unable to retrieve the personal data from the files as it is encrypted by various protocol.

Internet has become an integral part of our life. We access the internet whether we are working in office or home. We manage our finances through internet banking, maintain contact with our friends and family with the help of the social networking sites and shopping through the online portals.VPN masks our IP address and help us to work in between the unprotected networks. It enables us to create a virtual office through which we can work from the comforts of our home or remote places. Using the VPN service we can optimize our working capability.

The software used in VPN creates a connection between the user computer and the host server.  VPN software allows us to access restricted or blocked sites which are not accessible to certain IP address. The name Gateway is also used as an acronym of the VPN software.

The software of the VPN is an issue while picking the VPN. Tokens are not needed to carried if the VPN has right software installed.VPN software has an important role in the financials of the company. VPN software should be updated in regular intervals as VPN software is encrypted in a way that affects the complete network of the computer.

There are a number of things that are needed to be done in order to update the software. Patches, Updates, tracking of Client software and Server software must be done. VPN software provides security while working in the public network.

There are few VPN software that are used.

Open VPN Software:

Open VPN software is used for Virtual Private Network. Windows OS, Linux are run through this Open VPN software. Open VPN Software improves the security of the computer’s networking system while it is connected to Wi-Fi network. Open VPN server is needed to be installed to make yourself enable to use this software. Generally the administration of the office or school provides this kind of servers. Several programs are used to make the Open VPN server easier to the user.

SoftEther VPN

SoftEther  is used as an initial for Software Ethernet. SoftEther is the most powerful software. This software is very easy to use and can be run by most of the operating system such as Windows, Mac, Freebsd and Linux etc. SoftEther is a great alternative to the existing available software. Almost all types of protocol can be penetrated through this software because it has strong protocol called SSL-VPN.

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