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Proxy services and VPN has a defined difference between the two. Both service provides internet security through a specified channel and the can get you access to a georestricted sites which is otherwise blocked to a certain IP address. If you are able to know the difference between the proxy service and VPN then you will be able to say which service is better from the other.

What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It makes your network safe and secure. It masks the IP address with another IP address in order to safeguard the data. The IP address changes in every 20 minutes. It bounces the IP address from the servers of the 24 countries where the servers of the VPN are located. Therefore it becomes impossible to locate the real IP address of the user.

We connect to the net in the public environment in front of the prying eyes of the hackers.  Even if the hackers are able to locate the IP address they cannot decipher the file as it is protected through various encryption and protocols.

With the help of VPN, one can see thee georestricted sites which are otherwise blocked to certain IP address. These websites monitor the traffic into their system therefore they can block they can block those IP address which is originating from outside of the country. VPN masks your IP address with an IP address of that country therefore the person monitoring the site could not detect the IP address. There is BBCiPlayer, LoveFilm in UK and Netflix in USA. You can see these georestricted sites even if you are travelling or staying in a foreign country.

There are mainly two types of protocol that are used in order to make connection with the VPN. There is Open VPN and PPTP VPN or Point to point protocol which is used in VPN to make it work faster.

What is Proxy server?

Proxy server also secures the network of the client and makes them able to see the georestricted site. They also create a connection between the computer and the Internet. The connection of the proxy server comes from an IP address which is not yours.

But proxy server does not encrypt the data therefore your data can into the hands of the hackers. In this way your personal data may not be safe from the cruel tricks of the worldwide web.

There mainly two protocols used in the proxy server. There are HTTP Proxy server that uses HTTP protocol and Socks Proxy server which uses SOCKS5. Both the protocol can only control the traffic of the system.

The difference between proxy server and VPN server is that VPN encrypt the data through various protocol but the proxy server does not encrypted the data therefore your personal data can be compromised. Use of VPN secures your data.

Virtual Private Network is much more effective than Proxy services as it gives the user anonymity, online security while you are browsing internet. Internet Service Provider cannot track your activity online.

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