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Have you ever used VPN connection? It is today’s somewhat most sought after internet technologies that the world has to provide, and why not? The world is so much advanced today, and you will find some people who are conversant with these technologies and some people who are not. VPN’s full form is Virtual Private Network, but actually that’s the only thing that most people know. Just knowing the full form is not enough especially in today’s world. Well, let’s discuss a little bit about VPN technology. VPN is an internet technology that provides the internet users to have a fast access of the internet with high security, unlike other wide area networks. VPN provides its users the full guarantee of surfing the net in a very secure way. Today VPN technology can run on computers, iphones and Android phones. VPN connection is the most versatile connection which is also very economical for its users as it provides the maximum data download in the same bandwidth. So, whose not going to acquire this connection? Everyone wants it. If you are concerned about the type of the operating system whether VPN will work or not, then it needs to be said that VPN works on the most popular large scale software systems like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 to Linux.

The topic is about VPN on Linux plartform. Let’s start.

So, do you operate with Linux? You may be a tech savvy, if I am not wrong. Now in order to set up a VPN server on Linux platform, the only thing that you need is Open VPN. The reason for the mentioning of this program is that this program is a cost free software and can be downloaded very easily. But sometimes open source programs are not reliable and sometimes referred to as bad products. Some features of this software is usually confined, so using it may not be valuable to you. This open source product when installed in the system provides various ways of authenticating clients. This open version is also available for various Operating Systems which signifies that after setting up a VPN server on Linux platform, this server can also be accessed by other computers hosting Microsoft Windows 7, Apple Mac OS and also from the smart phones such as Android or iPhones.

It has been tested that most of the Linux VPN servers opens with a variety of options with a plenty of instructions to know before you can handle the server properly whereas this open VPN is a very simplified program that can be handled with the most common Linux commands that are easier to remember.

There are also other vpn packages that are available in the software market. They are also fine and goes well with Linux, but this open source program is claimed to be the best for Linux. Installation and setting of this software is very easy. You don’t have to be a Linux engineer for that. In fact, beginners can also do it.

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