VPN for Cuba

Cuba is among those countries where internet censorship is at its worst. To make things worse, as per our records one needs special permission just to use the internet in Cuba, forget about accessing various websites of your choice! Even emails are monitored by the authorities. So, now you can assume the extent of internet censorship in Cuba. If you are a resident of Cuba or visiting the country in the future then you need a service or software to bypass this censorship. VPN is such a service which can help you bypass such restrictions.

Cubans are required to access the internet through various government controlled internet access point. Moreover a strict IP blocking system is in place in Cuba. Both of these provisions make the lives of netizens of Cuba quite troublesome. Forget about social media; the authorities there have blocked access to thousands of other keywords which they feel not good enough for their citizens.

Bypassing the censorship

The best way to bypass such a strict internet regulation is to use a VPN service. As per various studies it is better to use a US based VPN service to browse the internet in Cuba. Hidemyass and Strong VPN are good players in this category. You just need to download the software and install it once on the device you primarily use to connect to the internet. When you use a VPN service like the Hidemyass it masks your IP address so that tracking authorities cannot trace your location and identity. Moreover it will allow browsing any website of your choice in Cuba. So when you visit Cuba next time do not forget to install Hidemyass in your smartphone, laptop or tablet. That will help you lead a normal cyber life in Cuba. The cost of VPN varies from a product to another. Some free VPN products are also available. If you are not thinking of using it in the long run or you just want to test the features of a VPN service then go for a free VPN initially. Later you can upgrade to paid products for more and advanced features.

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