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Android is a very popular platform on which smartphones operate. Studies reveal devices running on android are becoming more popular in the world market. Android enabled devices have changed the way people communicate these days. Now we don’t need to wait till we reach our office to reply to a professional mail. Rather we can sip coffee in a Wi-Fi enabled cafeteria and hit the reply button. Life has become quite easy, efficient and productive with these technological advancements. But as it happens with all technological innovations, android enabled devices accessing the Internet through Wi-Fi are also prone to hacking attempts. The solution to this security threat is VPN or Virtual Private Network. It is a mesmerizing tool to protect your device from all kinds of security hacking attempts. Moreover it is well equipped to protect your identity and data online whether you are surfing the net from a Wi-Fi hotspot or with the help of a dedicated in-built SIM card.

Various uses of VPN for an Android

Smartphone owners like apps. They want to download numerous latest apps from all over the world. But unfortunately some apps are developed in such a manner so that they become available only in selected regions of the world. But when you use a VPN service these barriers vanish. Moreover a VPN allows an android user to surf the web anonymously hiding his IP address.

Some points to consider

The market is almost saturated with all kinds of VPN service providers. Some of them are great, some are good, some are average and some are really poor. While choosing a VPN service for your android device you must remember certain points.

The same VPN which is quite good for a PC might not be of any use for your android. So, you need to be very careful and specific to research only those VPNs which have a name for themselves among the android users.

As per the general practice you should use a VPN software to connect your system to the internet. But some android VPNs have their own apps which can be used to connect to the internet without downloading any software.

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