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Who doesn’t want to browse internet with full safety? In fact every internet user today is getting aware of malwares, hackers and other harmful third party applications that breaks user’s security barrier by stealing user’s identity. This is the biggest issue that all internet users are facing now. Not everyone is using windows 7 operating system that is already equipped with a VPN client. There are still many users who are working with Windows XP and also they crave for a secure way of browsing the net.

So, today this topic is based wholly on those people who are using the internet powered by a Windows XP hosted computer. There are a few steps that will help you to establish a VPN connection in your PC which has a Windows XP Client platform.

The steps in creating a VPN configuration in Windows XP are:

Select Control Panel from the Start Menu. In the Control Panel , you will find an option known as Network Connections. Clicking on Network Connections will expand a list of other Dial-up connections and Local Area Network connections. Choose the option Create a New Connection which is available in the left hand menu. Clicking on Create a New Connection will open up the Create a New Connection  wizard that will come up on the screen. The first screen will appear with three features which says how the wizard helps you:

Enter into the wizard by clicking Next.

The next step will come with the selection of the type of network that is required to setup a VPN service in your computer. Select the option, Connect to the network at my workplace by clicking on the radio button and click Next to continue. The next step comes with your choice of Network Connection. Choose the second option, Virtual Private Network Connection and click Next. Now, in this step, you have to select the Connection Name. You have to give the name to the VPN connection which you are going to configure. Type the name in the text box and click Next. This step is the Public Network section of the wizard, where you need to select the option Do not dial the initial connection if you want that the public network to be established first before this VPN connection is established. The other option is automatically selected by default where the VPN connection is always ready before your computer is not even ready to connect to the internet. Now the very next step is a very vital step. You know why? Here you have to put the IP of your desired VPN Server that will enable you to get connected to the internet. Your respective VPN service provider will provide this detail for you. You don’t have to worry about it. Click Next to continue. The next step you have to choose the option My Use Only. This will make this configuration to establish the settings of your desired VPN connection successfully. Complete the Network Connection by clicking on Finish to enjoy.

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