VPN and Your Online Security

According to a recent study 70 percent of internet users in the developed countries daily spend more than 8 hours online. Then another study reveals that the internet user base is exponentially increasing in the developing countries. Online financial transactions have almost replaced physical transactions completely in developed and developing countries. People nowadays prefer to maintain an online journal rather than a diary. Now anybody can track our activities during the holidays with the help of public data available in our social media accounts. So, if you use the internet then it is sure that you are traceable. This raises a lot of concern for your security. So, how to get rid of online security woes? Let us explore together.

You must have heard about VPN by now. It’s a simple to understand service but employs highly advanced techniques to protect user data from all kinds of prying eyes. Virtual Private Network is the full from the acronym VPN.

The Basics of a VPN service

In the simplest terms, a VPN service can be defined as a connection between a server and your computer or any device. This connection is extremely secure and safe. A public medium like the internet is used to establish a VPN connection.

VPN acts as a mask

You can use various devices to connect to the internet. You can use a tablet PC; you can use a desktop PC; you can use a smartphone or you can use a laptop. VPN is useful for all kinds of devices you use to connect o the internet. Whenever you connect to the internet a unique Internet Protocol address is assigned to your device. Your location and other identifying details can be easily tracked with the help your IP address. But when you use a VPN service it masks your internet connection making it impossible for the hackers to trace your location. Moreover if you are intermediate internet user then you can easily set up your internet connection in such a way so that people feel you are browsing the internet from far away countries rather than your actual location.

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