VPN and Internet Connection speed

Are you a VPN user? Is your internet speed slowing down after starting to use a VPN? Does VPN really have an effect on internet speed? Well, this article will explore the answers.

Basics to understand

When you use a VPN service to connect to the internet several factors come into play. Those are number of concurrent users connected to the server, actual speed of the target server, the ping or speed of the server and the kind of the ping or the server’s geographical location. So though your VPN service will mask your online identity by changing your IP address but it is unable to control certain factors which can impact your download speed. For example if you are opting for a server located far away from your actual residence during the VPN operation then the speed will significantly decrease. So, you should try to choose a nearby server for better speed.

Sometimes your chosen servers will have superb ping or speed. Still, your download might seem to be quite slow. This can happen if your VPN service provider is serving a lot of users at the same time. This is called overcrowding. This can happen when a large number of users of a VPN service use the service simultaneously. To avoid such situations you should either choose a VPN service which is less crowded or you should use the service during off peak hours. There are some VPN services which claim to support unlimited users at the same time. Never go for them. They are infamous for poor download speeds.

The impact of VPN on internet speed

Studies are still going on to ascertain the actual impact of VPN on the speed of the internet. From the data available as of now, it can be said that there is definitely an impact on your internet speed every time you use a VPN server. But that impact is not significant at all. For the fact most of the VPN users do not even feel the difference between internet speeds before and after using a VPN. If you connect to a server with quality ping and speed, you will continue to get above average speed even with a VPN.

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