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Now a days the online internet surfing is getting affected by hackers, spammers etc. They are monitoring your online activities to steal your important information which you are sharing through internet. So if you want to hide your id when you using the internet i.e. if you want a high level security in your computer or any mobile devices against searching any internet site then the best thing is to use Hide my IP VPN.It is a free VPN service provider. It ensures a very high secure website browsing through personal online network.

Every program which is running in your PC, VPN connection secures all the programs. At the same time you do not need any change in your network to avail the application in your device. You can do everything with this connection like watching online TV, browsing internet, or you can chat over instant messengers.

Using the VPN service you can do more than just hiding your identity online. In much country the government applies restriction to many social networking sites, or there are many companies which blocked social networking sites  like Twitter, Face book, you tube, but using the free VPN service you can enjoy all the sites which may blocked by the government or organizations sitting anywhere anytime. It means you can access anything you want, using internet without any boundary irrespective of any countries. You can protect your login data, internet banking data, social network login credential, online shopping details etc. using the Hide my VPN service options.

You want a secure online searching which has a good speed as well as you can rely upon the network while using your network and which has low cost. So this Free VPN service provides very fast connectivity, with a great reliability and ensures a high level security without paying a single penny.

Now it is important to know that how VPN secures your searching option. Actually when you sign up for VPN to connect with your network and launch the service a secure tunnel is formed between the VPN server and your device. When the tunnel is created the tunnel is acting like a protection wall for your data which you sharing through your network. So there is no chance to leak your data from the tunnel and your id gets anonymous throughout the online session as long as the VPN is connected through your device. You can use VPN servers irrespective of any country, as the same time you can prevent anyone from seeing your id and stays hidden and masked using VPN service.

When you connect your device to the internet a new IP address will generate, which is the new IP address, belonging to one of the VPN servers, which give a mask to your original IP address, thus your actual IP address gets a cover and you can surf internet anonymously with a great security, therefore the hackers are not able to locate your address and by the way you are fully protected from hackers and snoopers.

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