There are various reasons for which you want to hide your IP address. Most of the reasons are based on security issues in which you want to prevent the websites which can track your visits to that site. It is not possible to browse the internet without IP address. So, if you want to hide your IP you can use the various options available. You can hide your IP address by simply replacing it with one different IP address. By hiding your IP address you cannot track by anyone. There are hackers, snookers who are always there to steal your IP address for doing their illegal work using your IP. So it will be very dangerous as you can suspect for the illegal work. So if you do not want to face these problems it is better for you to use some tricks to hide your IP.

If you want to hide your IP address you can use the following tricks which keep you anonymous and prevent your privacy in a great way.


A proxy server is mainly a computer network which acts like a medium between the internet and your computer. If you cannot open a website which you want to open or cannot listen to your favorite song or there is a problem to access a file over internet, all you have to do is switching over to a proxy location which helps you to solve all the problems you are facing. Enter your site which you want to visit to the proxy server and you can enjoy which you want to do with a security assurance. If you want to hide your IP address the most common process is to use a proxy server. A proxy is a type of computer network which allows making network connections indirectly for their users


VPN is very useful to secure the internet browsing. It prevents traffics when you are in a network. VPN is the most reliable servers till date. It is using by large organizations, business houses, multinational companies to keep their employees connected through the office network irrespective of where they are. VPN protects your data and identity related an issue when you use internet network, which is not very secure.VPN allows you to access websites from anywhere. This service is useful for those who are travelling but need to stay connected to a particular network. VPN is used to secure the data you have to send others. It creates a tunnel between the sender and the receiver to keep the data secure.


Now a day’s there is no internet security. You are watched by unwanted followers who enter in your privacy and use you as their wish. We are now habituated with the common words like hackers, censorship, and online identity theft etc. So in that case there should be some online security tools by which you can make your data safe and secure. Hidemyass is a VPN provider that assists people to connect and search to the internet securely.

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