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VPN or Virtual Private Network allows us to use the internet in a risk free manner. VPN provides a safe and secure system. The internet has become an integral part of our life. We use internet in home, workplaces and on the way as well. We manage our financials through online banking, keep contact with our friends and family or relatives with the help of the social networking sites, shop for products and services through the internet.

With so much importance on the internet one should keep a secured network in order to protect your personal details from the prying eyes and the snoopers. If you want to connect in your office or in home one should use VPN or Virtual Private Network secure your personal data.

VPN allows you to use internet with a protection from the hackers. Even if the hackers are able to take control of data in your computer they will be unable to understand the data as it is secured through the process of encryption and tunneling.

VPN masks your IP address with another IP address of the servers where the VPN servers are situated. VPN or Virtual Private bounces the IP address from different servers in every 20 minutes. You may want visit a site without disclosing the IP address. VPN helps you to hide your identity. If you use VPN then the monitoring server of the website cannot locate your IP address therefore your identity safe from them.

VPN allows us to see georestricted sites of UK and USA which are otherwise restricted to the people of their own country. There is BBCiPlayer, LoveFilm in UK and Netflix in USA. VPN masks the IP address of the user with a IP address of the country from where the sites are originating therefore the person monitors the site cannot detect that the user are visiting this website from a different country.

VPN can be as fast as the both end of your network. VPN connection can be as fast as your other connection like- internet. The number of server helps to increase the speed of your VPN services. There are several other which allows to decrease the connection time.

Sometimes VPN allows you to select an authentication key size, so you can choose a smaller authentication key size to speed up the connection of your network. VPN connection allows you to low the amount of the authentication key size to 128 bit for connecting with the network and to speed up your network speed. If you are using a direct VPN connection with a faster CPU then your connection definitely becomes faster. It decreases the connection time. It makes the VPN connection faster than in the time of using the connection with a router.

There are mainly two types of protocol used to protect the personal data. There is an Open VPN that needs a number of software and PPTP or Point to point protocol does not need any software in case you are installing it.

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