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There are a number of reasons why a prime website like YouTube that has so many visitors and a lot of good content that is extremely beneficial can be blocked in some countries. A lot of times, it may not be that the entire site is blocked, but just that some content is locked and in some cases locked for a specific region.

Some of the reasons that YouTube may do this include the fact that some content  posted on the site may provoke some form of social and political arrest in some countries that may be currently experiencing instability or maybe some of the content that is posted on the site may be infringing on the copyright laws of the country.

Additionally, some countries have permanently blocked YouTube and the result is usually that the residents of these countries are left out of the major developments that maybe going on in this global village. No matter how much we may criticize some of the countries that have taken this drastic action, the fact remains that to them, the content on YouTube is viewed as a threat either to their social or political structures. This leaves just one question; what do the people in those county do to access the all important content on YouTube?

The cheapest and most effective way of unblocking YouTube is to use a virtual private network (VPN). It will help you by allowing you to change your virtual location and get a new IP address for your computer or any other device that you may be using to access YouTube. This way of unblocking YouTube is effective because YouTube and other websites will normally determine your location by your IP address. The trick is to find the best VPN service provider that will help you with this task.

The best way to find the right one would be to do your research extensively, something that is not hard if you have internet access.  You don’t have to go for the most expensive since that doesn’t always mean that you will get the best service but always ensure that you go for a reputable provider that has good reviews within your budget range.

One of the best is HideMyAss.

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