Unblocking Facebook: Points to Ponder

Facebook is number one social networking site as of today. Numerous websites have been launched in the last five years or so to beat the winning run of Facebook or to make some money hiding behind the Facebook closet. But still Facebook is holding the number one position in the social media site ranking. The medium of Facebook is really engaging and entertaining. But unfortunately your access to this fantastic site might be blocked due to a number of reasons. We will try to explore those situations and their solution in the coming paragraphs.


Geo-blocking refers to that kind of blocking where the rulers of a particular country entirely bans the use of Facebook among its citizens and within its territory. They give various reasons for that ban most of which are useless. There are some Asian countries which are quite strict against sites like Facebook.

Ban in educational institutions

Admin personnel of various educational institutions all over the world do not want their students to become social during school. That is why they like to block Facebook at school or universities.

Ban in office atmosphere

Most of the bosses think that Facebook is a time waster. They completely dismiss the networking and motivating power of a popular social networking site like Facebook. That is why a strong ban against Facebook is evident in most of the offices.

The solution

Coming to the solution, have you heard about VPN? VPN is a superb way to break all the shackles of all those illogical governments, bosses and principals. With the use of a VPN service you can literally fool the IT guys spying on your computer. You will be able to connect to Facebook from your school, college, office or any country of the world. A VPN service masks your internet connection and assigns you a fresh IP address which helps protect your identity. You can change your virtual location with the help of a VPN service breaking the barriers of Facebook ban. You should try a quality VPN service like Hidemyass to learn about how VPN works to unblock Facebook anywhere in the world.

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