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vpn-serviceIf you are a music lover, then you very well understand the need to carry your music with you wherever you are as you constantly want to listen to your favorite artist’s latest song or their entire album. In the past this may have been very difficult, but today with many sites such as Rhapsody offering subscription services to provide you with unlimited music choices, music lovers no longer have to worry about having to download all the music they want; you just create an account with Rhapsody and begin to enjoy your favorite music. The trouble is that, Rhapsody is only available in a few countries and if you are not in those countries, you are blocked from accessing the site. Is there a way to access Rhapsody for the rest of us? Yes!

There is a way; you can unblock Rhapsody using VPN. In fact you can unblock any site using VPN.  VPN will provide you with anonymity and privacy when browsing and will also provide you with a different IP address such that Rhapsody will be unable to detect your location and therefore will not block you from accessing the site. Your IP address is a unique number that is provided by your Internet Services Provider and it cannot be changed except by using a VPN or a Proxy service. Proxies can be good but they are not compatible with music streaming and hence cannot help you with getting access to Rhapsody.

Find a good VPN provider that will offer you sufficient bandwidth for music streaming and then sign up. Once signed up all you have to do to unblock Rhapsody using VPN is to download and install the VPN app from the provider you have selected and then run it, from the list, select a server from a country where Rhapsody is accessible such as the US and you are good to go.  You can now easily access Rhapsody and enjoy the music on the site. Don’t be left out unblock Rhapsody using VPN today and join the growing Rhapsody community of music lovers.

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