Unblock Rdio Using VPN

Rdio-Logo-GradientRdio is an online musical database that allows music lovers to search for and listen to their favorite music from their favorite artists. This amazing site will allow you to select from their collection of more than 20 million songs in different genres from different artists. It also allows you to create a playlist that is specific to your musical preferences. The fact that it is available as a MAC and PC app as well as for use on mobile devices with and iPhone and iPod Touch app, Android app and a Windows 8 app means that you have the freedom to listen to your favorite music wherever you may be.

However, a small problem is that this amazing musical experience is available in only a few countries  and trying to access the site and its services if you are not in one of these countries will be met with a “sorry we are unavailable in your country” message that can be very frustrating. But just as with every problem, this one has a solution that is very simple. You can unblock Rdio Using VPN. VPN helps by providing you with a new IP address since it is your IP address that causes you to be locked out of sites such as Rdio.

Your IP address is a unique number assigned to you by your Internet Service provider, but the good thing is that this unique number that lets a site like Rdio pinpoint your exact location, can be changed. VPN applications and proxies can change the IP number such that Rdio will ‘think’ that you are in one of its approved countries. VPN is a lot better than Proxy because VPN is lot more compatible with music streaming than Proxy and VPN will also offer you a lot more bandwith for music streaming.

In order to unblock Rdio Using VPN, you need to find a good VPN provider who will give you sufficient instructions on how to download and install the application, then elect a server from one of Rdio approved countries and you are free to enjoy unlimited music.

IPVanish is a good option you can try to unblock this site: read_button


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