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What is actually VPN? The full form of VPN is Virtual Private Network. It stands out from the other conventional internet technologies in terms of efficiency, speed and security. This mode of internet technology empowers the user to browse the internet with high security, and also maintain one’s individuality. It provides an ease of internet access when someone is abroad or going on a business tour. The VPN provides a convenient access to all the users of a business or organization who can work on the organization’s website securely maintaining a 100% privacy. Today, VPN technology has been implemented in almost all devices .

We all know, that a Virtual Private Network provides a link that establishes a networking connection to another network. Then, what is actually a VPN Tunnel? It is nothing, but a connection established between the links. It is just a technical concept that will help you to understand the working mechanism of a Virtual Private Network. A VPN tunnel is fully responsible for creating high end network which provides data transmission without any issues of security.  The VPN tunnel makes use of one or two most important protocols. These protocols are PPTP and L2TP. The full form of PPTP is Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol and for L2TP is Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol. These two protocols are designed by Microsoft Corporation and Cisco Systems and also the Internet Engineering Task Force, whose main motto is to develop a high end internet technology and also its maintenance. No further descriptions are required for Microsoft and Cisco.

These two are the only protocols used by a VPN Tunnel.  In order to establish a VPN connection, the VPN Protocols comprising of the Tunneling protocols PPTP, L2TP and IPSec which bind the data into another data packet. This packet is then encrypted and is sent through a data channel. At the receiving section, the data packet is then decrypted by the tunneling protocol. After the decryption, the data packet is then stripped up to get the original data or information. This process can also be termed as data encapsulation.

Tunnels are of varied types whose main function is authentication and association with the VPN connection which is vital in creating a successful connection. IPSec which is a protocol suite (A set of protocols)used to secure the Internet Protocol during communication, navigates data from one region to the other region over the internet treating the data packets as goods. The VPN gateway behaves just like a shipping service packing the goods or the data with the desired address to where the data is to be sent.

Well this is all. There are nothing’s more into it. Lastly, what needs to be said is that Virtual Private Networks are preferred by everyone since it provides a secure way of internet browsing. From businessmen to the ordinary users, VPN delivers the right to browse the internet without any barrier. Furthermore, this technology also provides a very economical way of internet browsing and also serves to the Android and iPhone users.

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