Three Benefits of Using a VPN

These days most people spend a lot of time online. Whether it’s to carry out work, to watch television, or to go shopping – most things can be done by using the internet. But with this huge online presence, we make ourselves vulnerable. Other people can see what we are doing online, and what’s worse, some unfortunate web users are subject to identity fraud or the theft of personal data. As such, VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) have never been so important. To find out why, keep on reading below for our quick summary of what VPNs can do for you.



VPNs are a sure way to increase the security and safety of your internet browsing. Each VPN uses a different set of what are known as ‘protocols’ – that is, the methods by which data is transferred between your computer or mobile device, and the private network service you are using to access the internet. With these protocols comes the added safety of layers of encryption and processes of authentication. What does this mean in simple terms? That your personal information is secure with a VPN.



Another plus side of getting a VPN is that it allows you to use the internet with a more concealed identity. When you use the web, you access it from what is known as an IP address (a kind of digital zip or post code). Because most VPNs have different servers located across the world through which you effectively access the internet, you can assume a number of different IP addresses from that of where you are physically placed in real space. In combination with the security measures described above, your identity is out of reach of prying eyes.



An additional benefit of having access to a host of IP addresses is that you may also be able to gain entry to websites which demand you are using the internet from a certain part of the world. There are any kinds of websites that have these restrictions in place; social media sites and streaming sites for example. As such, with a VPN you can access what you want, when you want, no matter where you are.
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