The need of VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private network. It is private network for those who want to protect their personal information from the tricks of the worldwide web. VPN creates a secure network system that helps to hide the identity of the user that way one can protect their personal data from the hacker and the prying eyes.

We often connect to the internet through the Wi-Fi network in a public environment. The use of Virtual Private Network safeguards your data and makes you enable to work in between the unprotected network. Even if the hackers able to hack the data but they cannot decipher the data as it is protected through various encryption and protocols.

Virtual Private Network helps to create a virtual office for which we can work from the comforts of the home as well as some remote places. Virtual Private Network makes use of the complete potential of the employee. They can work from outside as if they are present in the office space. Virtual Private Network also helps us to share files and information in between two branches of the same country. If a company uses a VPN, then their trade secret are safe from the rival as they cannot get the data. If also makes you work faster.

Virtual Private Network has a number of servers in the 24 countries of the world. The number of the server increases the speed of your network. VPN allows the user to choose the authentication key size. If you choose a smaller authentication key number then the speed of your network goes up. VPN has smaller number of request to fulfill therefore they can work fast than the usual servers.

Many of the users want to visit certain website without their identity known to whoever is running the website. In that case Virtual Private Network helps you to mask your IP address through different IP address. The location of the IP address bounces in every 20 minutes therefore it becomes impossible to locate the actual IP address.

There are a number of protocols that helps to protect the privacy of the user. There are mainly two protocols that secure the privacy of the user. They are Open VPN and Point to point Protocol. VPN tunnel are also used to safeguard the identity of the client. It works like subway system. It has mainly three protocols that protect the data. They are point to point protocol or PPTP, IPSec or Internet protocol Security and Layer two tunneling Protocol.

You can visit geolocation restricted websites through the use of the Virtual Private Network. These georestricted websites monitors the traffic to their system therefore they block or restrict that IP address which is originating from the outside of the country. VPN masks IP address of the user an IP address that is originating from within  the country therefore the website monitor cannot detect the IP address. You can see these georestricted websites while you are travelling or living in a foreign country. There is BBCiPlayer, LoveFilm etc in UK and Netflix in USA that produces high quality programs.

The need of the Virtual Private Network is increasing day by day for the above reasons. Business houses as well as individuals need the VPN to protect their network.

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