The need of Proxy Server


The proxy server is the kind of server which sees to the request of the client and act according to the request made. If the request could not be fulfilled through the actual server then the proxy server takes the IP address of another server in order to fulfill the request. When we work with a proxy server then the real IP address of the user is not shown in the website server.

The proxy server is also used in order to secure the personal data. They makes you enable to work in a risk free condition. We do manage our finance through the internet banking, the proxy server hides our IP address. They mask our IP address with another IP address. There are proxy servers in the 24 countries of the world. The identification of the IP address becomes impossible as it bounces from different server location.

The proxy makes it possible to work in between unprotected networks. We access to internet while connecting to Wi-Fi network.  There are may be some prying eyes or a hackers lurking behind your back. If we use proxy servers then these hackers will be unable to hack your system. Even if there are able to hack the system, they will be unable to decipher the data as it is secured through encryption and protocols.

We can create a virtual office with the help of the proxy server. Proxy server allows us to access our account from the comforts of home or from some remote places. In this way, you will be present in the office space even if you are not there. The proxy server allows you to work to your highest potential.

You may want to visit a site but concerned about the security of your IP address. Then you can able the service of a proxy server through which you will be able to visit the sites without letting them know your true IP address.

The proxy server makes your system faster as it has less number of requests to cater. Always choose a proxy server which has higher number of proxy server in the world. The proxy server allows you select authentication key. The smaller number of authentication key will make your connection faster. Always use a proxy that takes lesser amount of time to connect with the server.

There are various sites in the world that has geolocation restriction on them. With the help of the proxy server you will be able to visit those sites as your proxy server changes your IP address with the IP address of the country where the restricted website are located. The websites monitors the track of the traffic which is logging into their website. When you are logging into the system the tracker of the website will be seeing an IP address that is originating from within the country. There are georestricted sites such as BBBiPlayer, 40D, LoveFilm etc in UK and Netflix in USA. With the help of the proxy servers you can visit sites while you are travelling outside the country or living in a foreign country.

There is number protocol placed in the proxy servers that makes it possible to secure your data from the cruel tricks of the worldwide web.

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