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Internet security is on a lot of people’s minds lately – especially due to recent revelations about governmental organisations like the NSA, and their shady web-based tactics. However, with more and more innovative technology available, there’s no reason to worry. One answer to safety concerns are VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). These are virtual networks that internet users can use as an intermediary in connecting to other networks, like the internet. The benefits? Extra security, anonymity, and the ability to access online content by bypassing internet restrictions that would normally cause trouble. Today we’ll be comparing two different VPNs to see which one is best for you.



IPVanish is a very decent VPN from the U.S. Working with a good, solid set of protocols, it’s a very secure VPN indeed. By making use of OpenVPN encryption methods, IPVanish helps to protect your data. What’s more, there are other kinds of encryption available to use in tandem with this VPN service. Another benefit of IPVanish is that it doesn’t keep logs of your activities, giving users good peace of mind about secrecy as well as security.



Another good option when it comes to VPNs is Hidemyass. Like IPVanish, Hidemyass doesn’t keep logs of what you do on the internet. Again, this is a comforting thought if you value not having third parties prying into your personal affairs and doings. What’s more, Hidemyass uses the OpenVPN protocol, as well as a number of other protocols, making it one of the most varied and robust ways of keeping your internet activity secure and safe. Hidemyass also has a bundle of features that make it an extremely alluring VPN package. For example, their Secure Bind feature allows users to ensure certain applications only ever connect to the internet through Hidemyass, whilst the Speed Guide will make sure that you are getting the very bets speeds when using Hidemyass.
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