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The full form of VPN is virtual private network and it is a unique technology that establishes secure network connection over the internet or any other network that is public. The VPN network is used by government agencies, schools and big corporations that use these services so that the users are able to connect safely to private networks.

The VPN technology is more or less like the WAN or the Wide Area Network. It has the ability to link many sites together even those that are separated over long distances. VPN is generally seen in educational institutes mainly to connect the campus sites together. The server also is able to connect campuses that are located in other nations.

For using the VPN users are given a username and a password. This is for authentication. There are some VPN connections that are required to be given a PIN or a personal identification number. This is made up of a unique verification code that can be found in the nature of a token. The PIN tends to change every few seconds and it is matched with the username and password of the account. In case the token is stolen it is useless without the information mentioned above.

The VPN is able to maintain privacy via the use of security procedures and tunneling protocols. Some of the best US VPN protocols have the following features-

The best US VPN services make use of high quality safety and security procedures. Some of the common VPN protocols and their description have been listed:

  • PPTP : This protocol makes use of 128 bit keys for the encryption of traffic. PPTP or Point to Point Tunneling Protocol is considered to be less secure as a protocol however there are many users that are happy with the above. They connect to the VPN for personal use alone.
  • L2TP : This protocol is a more secure than the PPTP protocol as it works with a IPSEC protocol that uses better secure encryption algorithms than what is used with the PPTP. The L2TP is more powerful mainly because of the combination of 168 bit keys and the 3DES ENCRYPTION.
  • SSTP: This protocol is called the Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol or the SSTP and it is the most secure of all the protocols that have been described above. This protocol uses 2048 bit encryption keys besides authentication certificates. This is why it is the most powerful of all the VPN protocols that has the ability to work on those network environments that block VPN protocols. There are many US VPN companies that use this protocol to give maximum levels of security to their users.

Therefore, when you are looking for the best US VPN protocols you are able to match the type of protocol that works the best for you. The VPN service will make you protected and safe when you are browsing on the internet, any hotspot connection or the internet. If you are not concerned about your security and safety that much the PPTP works the best for you!

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