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VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN or Virtual Private Provider provides a safe and secure networking system. VPN enables us to share files and data in a secured and a risk free environment. The data is exchanged between various branches of same company. The use of VPN makes it easier to transfer the data without giving the chance to the rivals and hackers to hack into your system and getting out the trade secrets of the business. Therefore it has become essential to have a Virtual private network.

We often use internet in the public while using Wi-Fi network. In this case your data can fall into the hands of the hackers. One needs to have a Virtual Private Network Install in order to safeguard your data. Even if the hackers get access to the data they cannot decipher the data as it is secured through various protocols and encryption.

Advantages of Virtual Private Network

  • With the help of VPN you can send mail to a person without revealing identity to them. It is way to hide your identity from the worldwide web. VPN helps you to transmit your data through different IP address of 24 nations where the VPN servers are located.
  •  VPN provides you a history of the IP addresses through which your email or surfing has been done.
  • With the help of VPN, you can create a virtual office.
  • You can see the georestricted site even if it is blocked to certain IP address.

There are number of VPN service provider in the world.


Hidemyass is created since 2005 and evolving as a popular VPN service for the user of the  VPN. Mainly offices are user of this service in order to protect their official secrets from the worldwide web. They did not want to succumb to the cruel tricks of internet. They wanted protect their identity from others. Servers of the hidemyass are situated in so many countries that it becomes impossible to locate the actual IP address. Hidemyass is also used to send anonymous e-mails and to visit the georestricted sites.

Hidemyass offer a trial service with 30 days money back guarantee and they also provide refund if the user found the service faulty.

Strong VPN

Strong VPN is the kind of VPN that provides a secured network. This creates a network that protects your data from the cruel tricks of the internet. Your data cannot be intercepted through the use of this VPN. This server connection is easy to set and connect. The server fulfills all your request and speed up the connection as they have a smaller number of requests to cater.

Vypr VPN

In 2009, Vypr VPN was launched in order to secure the personal data while transmitting through internet. Windows, Mac, Android is supported by Vypr VPN. It increases the speed of your system.


IPVanish provides a logical IP address to your mobile device which protects the personal data of the user.


BoxVPN is fastest VPN and enable you unblock any site you want.

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