The Benefits of VPN to a business or corporation

Vpn_logoVirtual Private Network (VPN) comes in two major types; Remote access and Site-to-Site access. Let’s get a detailed description of the two type so we can get a clear sense of how they work and may benefit a business or corporation.

Remote Access VPN

This one is also known as a Virtual Private Dial-up Network (VPDN) and is known as a user-to-LAN connection used by a company whose employees need to connect to the private network from a number of other remote locations.  A good example of the Remote Access VPN would be when a large corporation has a number of sales people in the field that will be connected securely using this type of VPN.  This is an ideal form of internal communication for many major corporations due to the fact that the VPN allows for secure encrypted connections between a company’s private network and remote users through a third-party service provider.

Site-to-Site VPN

A company can connect multiple fixed sites over a public network by use of dedicated equipment and large scale encryption with each site needing to have only a local connection to the same public network.  These site-to-site VPNs can further be categorized into intranets or extranets. Intranets are built between officers of the same company while extranets are built to connect the company to its customers or partners.

Some of the benefits that a good VPN can accord a company or corporation include;

  • It will extend the company’s geographical connectivity
  • Is significantly cheaper as compared to traditional WANs
  • It significantly reduces he traveling times and costs to remote users
  • Make it possible for the company to take advantage of the many global networking capabilities
  • Increase efficiency and productivity in the company or corporation
  • It will provide faster Return on Investment as compared to traditional WAN

All of these benefits will come from a well designed VPN network that should also provide security, reliability, suitability and network management. With a good VPN a business or company can experience tremendous growth in its field or area of expertise.

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