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surfSafelySmallA lot has been said about cyber security and the dangers that we expose ourselves to by being online all the time and using online payment gateways. Even celebrities have not been spared by the many predatory hackers who will steal your information such as credit card number and passwords in order to profit from your hard earned money. But for a long time all we have heard is how to avoid such hackers but there is little or no information on how to actually stay safe from cyber threats.

There are a few simple ways that you could protect yourself, such as keeping your passwords and private information to yourself and not reveal any of your personal information to anyone under any circumstances. But this strategy can only go so far, with the very many tech advancements that the world is currently experiencing.

You need something else, a more effective way to protect your web activities from prying eyes. A VPN application will provide you with security and anonymity when browsing. With privacy, you won’t have to worry about being careful when browsing the web. VPN will mask your IP address such that hackers and spammers will be unable to monitor your web activities and thus they will not be able to steal your information.  This is because VPN applications work by creating an encrypted tunnel that will be connected to the VPN provider’s servers in such a way that you are free to surf anonymously and securely without the threat of being tracked.

The security provided by VPN is also quite effective even if you are using a Wi-Fi hotspot to connect to the internet. There are even a number of VPN providers who will accord you the added benefit of informing you whenever you visit a site that may contain spyware or malware and may even go a step further to automatically block those sites and therefore effectively stop them from infecting your computer.

Getting the right VPN provider is the one way to ensure that you are able to browse the web securely and anonymously. We suggest you check IPVanish. vpn website

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