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VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. This is a type of networking technology which allows its users to access the internet without sharing the details of the users. The details include the user computer’s MAC address (Media Access Control address) or the network address, the IP address, the browser information, email used by the user and also the geographical location of the computer. Today, VPN is mostly preferred over Wide Area Network as it provides a very secure way of browsing. VPN is preferred by most business organizations where the employees uses and deals online with full privacy. Whether he/she is out of the city or not, the employee can access the resources of his/her company’s website.

Have you used VPN over a Windows Operating System? Have you ever tried to set up a vpn connection for Windows 7? You may not be tech savvy and that’s not a problem at all. Some steps are here that will guide you to set up a vpn connection for Windows 7 which has a built-in vpn software.

Steps for an Outgoing VPN connection:

You should first type VPN in the search text box which you will find on clicking Start where you can choose the option VPN.

Type the desired IP address the DNS as directed by the network administrator.

If you don’t want to connect to the internet, then what you have to do is, you have to select the option Don’t Connect Now. The very next step will ask for you for the username and the password.

Now, the main part is finished.

On the desktop, you will find a windows network icon. Clicking on the icon, will open the screen for networking where you can select the option Connect for VPN. When you click this option, a dialog box will open. On this dialog box, press connect button. If you are unable to connect, then there may be a problem with the server configuration. In this case, please contact the network admin for assistance.

Open the security tab, you have to choose the type of VPN from the drop-down menu. You have to unselect an option which is Include windows Logon Domain. Then you have to click connect after clicking ok.

Steps for an Incoming VPN Connection:

Open Network and Sharing Center option from Start button. You have to change the network adapter settings which is available on the left hand menu. Clicking File menu under Network Connections, you will find another option which is New Incoming Connection. Here you can select the users who you think will get access to this computer. Clicking next will open an option” through the internet”. You have to select this option by checking the checkbox. Now, you have to select the protocol, select TCP/IPv4 and select allow access and make sure to note down the computer name which the client is be using to connect to this computer. That’s it, you are done.

Open the network Connections, you will find the icon of incoming connections which indicates that your computer is ready for VPN incoming.

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