Salient Features of VyprVPN

VyprVPN is a very popular and reliable VPN service. It’s definitely one of the top five VPN service providers available in the market. In this short article we will try to see the salient features of this amazing VPN service.

Huge number of servers

The power of a VPN service is directly proportional to the number of servers it has all over the world. Along with that the location of the servers also matters a lot. VyprVPN has taken care of both the aspects. It has a massive network of more than 700 servers placed in various regions of the world. Some of the prominent places where those servers are located are U.S. – Washington, DC; U.S. – Los Angeles; U.K. – London; Asia – Hong Kong; Indonesia – Jakarta; Canada – Toronto; Europe – Luxembourg; Italy – Rome etc. So as you can see VyprVPN has covered almost all the major areas of the world with its servers.

Uniqueness of the service

Unlike many others in the VPN market, VyprVPN writes its own code. This increases its reliability manifold. As it writes its own code so the service owners have complete control over the service and its network. They have experienced and world-class network engineers along with up to date equipments for better service quality.

Huge database of IP addresses

VyprVPN has a huge database of more than 2,00,000 IP addresses. So, your online anonymity is guaranteed with this amazing VPN service. When you go for such a top notch VPN; spying agencies and online snoopers never become able to track you down.

Free Online Storage facility

VyprVPN has recently launched a free online storage facility for its valued customers all over the world. If you apply for the basic membership of this VPN you will get a 10 GB of online storage space. The Pro members are entitled to 25GB while Premium members can avail the facility of 50GB of free online storage. This is a superb gift in this era of cloud computing.

So, as you can see there are plenty of features for which VyprVPN differs from the rest. It’s worth giving a try for sure.


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