Salient features of PureVPN

PureVPN has a good name in the VPN market. People from various regions of the world favor its services due to its advanced security features and quality data protection options. We will discuss the salient features of the service in the following paragraphs.

Advanced data protection mechanism

PureVPN uses SSL based 256-bit encryption. They have several mechanisms in place to protect your system from unauthorized users and snoopers. Unlike your internet service provider PureVPN gives the control of your internet connection in your hands. With this quality VPN service you can avail a great feature of 99.99% uptime.

PureVPN helps one surf the web anonymously

With the help of PureVPN, you can surf the web in an anonymous manner. Nobody will be able to locate your physical location or steal your identity. Nowadays it has become a common practice to spy on employees’ systems by their bosses. If you use PureVPN at work, then you can save your private browsing sessions from the prying eyes of your superior ones.

Wide coverage

There are only a few VPN services available in the market which has such a wide coverage like the PureVPN. This terrific VPN service provider has more than 300 servers which are placed at various corners of the world for better speed and security along with anonymity. It has servers in 22 countries. There is an attractive feature of unlimited server switch in PureVPN which allows you to jump servers during your VPN connection thus allowing better security and speed.

Brand reputation

The online software marketplace is quite volatile. Companies and products come and go within weeks in the internet. So, while buying a VPN service you must ensure that you are buying the service from a genuine and reliable brand. In that aspect PureVPN is simply terrific. It has earned a good name for itself over the last many years. So, you can blindly trust the service for all your VPN requirements.

Multiple device compatibility

PureVPN is compatible with a host of devices including android phones. Even if you are using a windows desktop, a Macbook and an apple tablet, PureVPN works with all thus eliminating the need to buy different VPN services for your different devices.


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