Salient Features of IPVanish VPN service

IPVanish is one of the most popular and effective VPN service available in the market. Behind Hidemyass VPN IPVanish is a strong choice of most of the VPN users worldwide. In this short article we will try to see the salient features of IPVanish VPN service.

Control over your IP address

IP address masking is a basic feature of all the VPN services available in the market. But IPVanish allows you to choose your IP as per your choice or preference. That means you have absolute control over the geographical location you want to take up virtually. This feature makes IPVanish a big hit among a lot of VPN users worldwide.

Excellent support for online gamers

There are only handful VPN services available in the market which are fully compatible with online gaming. According to studies IPVanish makes online gaming experience a superb one indeed. With its advanced unblocking facilities and unlimited download support online gamers can access all the top games from all over the world.

Advanced protection in Wi-Fi hotspots

Wi-Fi is a favorite way to access the internet these days. IPVanish has complex encryption techniques in place to secure your network connections when you access the medium of the internet in a public Wi-Fi hotspot.


From the price point of view IPVanish is quite affordable. If you are a great fan of VPN but avoiding it till now just because of shortage of fund then look no further. IPVanish will not hit your pocket hard. The monthly package is available only at $10. Is not that superb?

Extensive server network

There are more than 100 servers in the IPVanish network. Those are distributed in 44 countries all over the world. Those have been planned in such a manner so that server speed is equally good in all parts of the world.

It doesn’t affect the speed of your internet connection

There are some VPN services which make your internet connection extremely slow. But unlike those services IPVanish takes care of your internet speed constantly.

To conclude, if you decide to invest in IPVanish then I will call that a wise move for sure.

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