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Hidemyass or HMA is a Virtual Private Network. It is invented by security expert from UK in the year2005.HMA or Hidemyass is also known as HMA Pro VPN. Hidemyass allows us to protect our system from the prying eyes and the hackers lurking from behind while we are surfing on the net using Wi-Fi network. VPN enable us to create a safe and secure network in between unprotected networks.

We work in the office as well as in the home by using internet. We chat with our friend and family, manage our finances and shopping with the help of internet. Hidemyass VPN can create a virtual office through which we can do office work without being present in the office space. We can work from the comforts of our home or some remote places. VPN enables us to work to our highest potential.

VPN mask our IP address with another IP address. VPN has server in the 24 countries of the world. Hidemyass VPN bounces our IP address from differnt location. It makes the tracking of the IP address impossible. Hidemyass is best VPN to surf the internet anonymously.

Hidemyass protects our personal data. Even if someone able to access our data they will be unable to decipher the data as it is protected through protocols and encryption. The service provider gives you anonymity to protect those who have fear of losing data to unwanted people. People may use it illegally but it is not responsibility of the service provider.

Hidemyass provides number of software that makes you enable to pass through the firewalls that protects that blocked sites. There are 29,000 IP address to choose from and with the help of those IP address you can get access to 50 countries of the world even if the certain IP address is blocked by that website. The website of these geolocation restricted sites monitor the traffic into their website. Hidemyass allows you to connect with those restricted websites.

There are few geolocation restricted sites in United Kingdom and USA. There are BBCiPlayer, 40D, LoveFilm etc in UK and Netflix. Hulu etc in USA. With the help of Hidemyass VPN you can access these sites from any parts of the world.    VPN shows that the IP address is originating from within the country therefore it is not restricted. If you are traveling to Europe or staying in a foreign country then also you can see these websites with the help of Hidemyass.

Hidemyass VPN allows you to connect to the world wide web anonymously as it bounces the IP address in every 20 minutes. It gives you a different IP address every time you access the internet. Therefore you can see certain site which is otherwise restricted. Hidemyass provides you a secure IP bind.

Hidemyass has a lot of servers in the world. It decreases the connection time. As VPN servers cater to lesser number of requests therefore the speed of the network becomes faster than usual.

Hidenmyass gives you a trial offer 30 days with the money back guarantee to let the user see the real potentiality of the VPN. Hidemyass VPN also provides you a refund if you found the service faulty.

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