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It is a herculean task to choose some VPN services as quality ones for torrents. As the list of VPNs is continuously lengthening with time, it has become really difficult to term single VPN software as the best in its class. Still, this article is an attempt to find out some for your guidance.



The service costs $17 per month which is relatively higher than many others in the market. But the yearly mode is cheaper at just $61.40. So if you go for the annual mode of subscription you can save a massive amount of more than $140 a year. It has got servers in 25 countries all over the world. The various platforms supported by this VPN service are PPTP and OpenVPN. The service is based in the Netherlands. People like the software for its ease of use. Moreover even an entry level VPN user can easily install a VPN4All service. Instant IP-switching is an added feature of this service which is making its customers happier. To add to it, round the clock support system and a no strings attached refund policy are other lucrative features one can not miss. They respect the privacy of the users up to a great extent.



This is a Swedish VPN service useful for torrents. The monthly package costs $8 per month while the annual one costs $96. It supports the platform PPTP. The servers are mainly located in the counties Sweden, Switzerland and Austria. Though you can mask your IP address but you won’t be able to control the country of your masked Internet Protocol Address. According to some users connection dropping is pretty much evident in this VPN service. But in terms of protecting your privacy while using torrents VPN4All is terrific.


There are a number of free VPN services which are equally good for torrents. The main disadvantage of those free services is their lack of reliability and low speeds. But if you are running short of resources then you can opt for those free versions. Moreover prior to using any VPN service you should read some articles online about the service to familiarize yourself with it.

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