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China is known for its strict internet policy. It has its own alternatives to most of the popular websites in the world. Whether it’s Google, Facebook or any other major site, China has its own answer to them. The country wants to censor almost everything found online for their citizens. This article is not about their doing the right thing or wrong. Rather this article will try to explore various means by which a Chinese resident can access the web without any restrictions. On the other hand there are certain Chinese websites which are not accessible for people residing outside China. A quality VPN can be a good solution to both of these situations.

Points to ponder upon

While choosing quality VPNs for China we need to consider certain major points. Those are quality of the product, actual speed of the VPN service, the price of the product and the technical knowledge of their customer support team. One more thing, there are certain VPN services which will work anywhere in the world, but not in China. For the fact, a recent article published in a top IT magazine mentioned with necessary proof that one of the best VPN service in the world does not work at all in China! Actually China has blocked the services and operation of some of the big VPN services in their territory.

Few alternatives

I would like to suggest you to go for free VPN services. This way you can see which products will work in China. If you are more inclined to paid VPN services then choose those who have a reliable and longer refund policy. If possible, contact their customer service department before buying the product to inquire whether they support Chinese citizens or not. The online discussion forums are a great place to see which VPNs are currently working in China. That way you can save your valuable time and money to find out the best service.

So, if you belong to China and facing problems accessing your favorite social media website hosted from USA, no worries at all! Just sign up for the services of a China centric VPN product and break the shackles of government censorship.

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