Price Comparison of 4 Quality VPN Service Providers

VPN is a reliable way to protect your identity and private data online. In my personal opinion each and every internet user should use a quality VPN service to get the most out of the internet. But while doing so you should remember that there are plenty of low quality VPN services exist in the market which can threaten your online security rather than protecting it. As per our experiment the most reliable VPN services are Hidemyass, PureVPN, VyprVPN, IPVanish, Private Internet Access, VPN4ALL and PureVPN. In this article we will compare the prices of 4 among these quality VPN services.

IPVanish VPN service

$10 is the cost of the monthly package while the annual package will cost you $77.99. There is a three month service which costs $26.99. If you want to save some money while buying VPN then I recommend going for the annual option as it helps one to save great money. For example, if you go for the annual package of IPVanish then it will cost you less than $7 a month. But if you are a first time buyer then go for the monthly option as you will need time to understand the working procedure of a VPN service.

StrongVPN service

The pricing plan of StrongVPN is unique in nature. You can opt for country specific, region specific, protocol specific, even state specific packages with StrongVPN. If you opt for the US option then the annual package comes at just $55 while the 3 month plan comes at only $21.

Private Internet Access VPN

The annual plan comes only at $39.95 while the monthly package costs $6.95. There is also a half-yearly plan costing $35.95. So, it’s quite apparent that you should go for the annual plan instead of the other packages.

VPN4ALL VPN service

There is no per month or other kinds of packages. Rather VPN4ALL has arrangements for packages depending upon the user’s preferences. There are different packages for regular internet browsers, online gamers and mobile users. The mobile users’ plan comes at $5.95 per month while the online gaming package comes at $16.95.

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Price Comparison of Top 3 VPN Service Providers
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