Paid VPN Vs Free VPN

We all know about the importance of VPN these days. It’s an amazing piece of software which helps us surf the internet without any fear of getting duped by hackers. Research has suggested that the user base of VPN has increased manifold in the last few years. The trend will remain so for the coming years too. Moreover, global agencies have revealed that the internet user base is increasing at extraordinary rates because of increasing technology penetration in various developing countries. So, this is pretty much certain that the number of VPN services will also increase with time. For the fact the current VPN market is no small either. It is really a daunting task for a newbie to choose one among such huge options. Add to it the various aggressive and eye-catching marketing techniques used by various VPN makers. We feel lost in the overwhelming database of VPNs.

Kinds of VPNs

Some VPNs always remain free and some needs a payment for full access. Here we will try to see the difference between the two options.

Difference in Speed

Paid VPNs are much better in terms of speed. Here speed means the time taken to connect you to the website you are requesting information from. Free VPN services fail to match with the speed provided by the paid VPNs. So, if you are not concerned with paying some money for a VPN software and want good speed on a regular basis then I would like to recommend a paid VPN.

Customer Support

Paid VPN providers invest a lot of money in building a quality customer response team. On the other hand free VPNs are short in resources to create such a team. So, here too paid VPNs win.

List of features

As you have already guessed paid VPNs tend to have a long list of features. On the other hand free VPNs are able to provide you with only limited features. So, if you are ready to shell out some money for your online security and data protection then go for a paid VPN rather than a free one.

To conclude, paid VPNs are clear winner over free VPNs.

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