Overview of a Virtual Private Network

The simplest definition of VPN or Virtual Private Network will be that VPN is a process of connecting a user to privately owned and controlled network. In this process a public medium is used. Your office network is a perfect example of a privately owned network. On the other hand the medium of internet is a good example of a public network.

Reliability of a VPN service

When VPN is used in a private network then the network owner can be sure that there will not be any unauthorized users intruding into the network. For this unique feature VPNs are really reliable. VPN uses authenticated links to block any unauthorized access. It uses high levels of encryption to secure your connections. Whatever data travels in your network will be safe and encrypted eliminating all your fears of data leakage. Various tunneling protocols are used to ensure such high levels of security. PPTP and L2TP are such two protocols. L2TP stands for Layer Two Tunneling Protocol while PPTP stands for Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol. The concept of tunneling protocol originated with the idea to make online data transmission safer and secure.

Various Uses

VPN is extremely useful both for personal as well as business uses. On the personal front VPN is useful because it allows one to surf the web in an anonymous manner. In these days of continuous online tracking anonymous web surfing is a superb advantage for any netizen. Moreover if you are looking for options to unblock internationally popular but local TV or internet channels then VPN can help you for sure. There are plenty of websites which have been geo-blocked in various parts of the world for different reasons. VPN has the ability to unblock any geo-blocked websites. So if you are a resident of those countries then don’t think twice. You should go for a VPN now. On the business uses front, VPN is a superb choice for secure data transmission among multiple branch offices of a business entity spread across continents. More research is underway to make VPN more useful and effective in the coming days.

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