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VPN or Virtual Private Network is one of the efficient ways by which web users can enhance their privacy and online security. VPN provides a secured connection for the users. However, different service providers offer different kinds of VPN service. There are two choices for the users – free VPN and paid VPN. Since everybody love free stuff, majority of the users go for the free VPN services. It may sound like a good option but free VPN rarely meets the challenges. There are many risks related with free VPNs. There are many underlying drawbacks of free VPNs. We compare free VPNs against paid VPNs in a list below:

  1. VPN Protocol: Majority of the providers offering free VPN service use PPTP VPNs. The PPTP VPNs provide less security than the other protocols. On the other hand, paid VPNs use OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, SSH and SSTP for tunneling the connections of the users safely.
  2. VPN connection speeds: Free VPNs get overused by all the people using their free service. It is very expensive for a VPN server to sustain thousands of connections simultaneously and therefore lack of money causes lack of bandwidth. But paid VPNs invest lot of money on servers and bandwidth and therefore can sustain huge amount of connections simultaneously.
  3. Availability of VPN: Free VPNs can get disconnected unexpectedly due to problems of bandwidth and shortage of numerous VPN nodes. As a result the paid VPNs have an edge over the free ones.
  4. Support: Free VPNs are regularly troubled by connection problems. If the users want help there will be none because support comes by paying a price. But in case of paid VPNs, support will always be provided to those users who ask for it.
  5. Location of VPN servers/nodes: More money has to be spent for maintaining more servers located all across the globe. The free VPN providers cannot afford 100 servers located in more than 50 countries because they only earn few dollars from advertising. The combined fees of bandwidth and servers can cross $5000 per month. So free VPNs do not give the users access to different servers located in different locations. But paid VPNs are always ready to offer more VPN server locations.
  6. Free VPNs track users: People rely on VPN connections for stopping websites and online marketing agencies from tracking the actions of the users. Free VPNs forge by tracking the online activities of the users. This information is sold to the websites and online marketing agencies. The tracking activity makes the purpose of VPN usage futile.

With all the underlying drawbacks, it may seem that free VPNs are absolutely useless. But it should be remembered that every technology has advantages as well as disadvantages. If a user is a beginner in using VPN services then he/she should opt for a free VPN in order to get used to the VPN service. This may prove to be handy for the user in selecting a paid VPN in their future life.

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