IP address and VPN services

IP address is a very common term used by the netizens. But the fact is most of us are not much aware of its details and significance. This article is an attempt to see what IP address means for us.

Introductory words

Every computer used to access the internet is given a unique identifying address. This is same like a physical address. The virtual address of such a computer is called an IP address. It stands for internet protocol address. Without an IP address it will be really difficult or impossible to transmit data from one computer to another. For example, you want to send a letter to a person. But you do not have his postal address. Then how you will send the letter to the person? Likewise, an IP address gives an identity to your computer so that other computers in your network can identify it when needed.

Online security and IP address

When you access a website via your computer, the website gathers information about your IP address. Then this address is used to track your geographic location and other personal details. If such data fall on wrong hands then it can be a troublesome affair for you. Even reputed online brands like Google also track user information with the help their IP addresses. So, your online security can be threatened to a large extent through IP address violation.

Examples of IP address

A typical IP address looks like So it’s basically a combination of four numbers separated by dots. Your internet service provider assigns you an IP address.

How to protect IP addresses

Due to the deadly growth of online hacking incidents in the recent times now it has become really necessary to protect your IP addresses at any cost. The best way to hide your original IP address is to install a quality VPN service on your computer. It allots a new IP address for you instead of your current one. Moreover such framed IP addresses are from other countries than the original thus eliminating any chances of your tracking by hackers or any unwanted sources.

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