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In the United States, the proposed CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) combined with the already existing National Security Agency (NSA) spying will allow the government to have aces to almost anything and everything that the U.S residents and possibly, the residents of other countries, do online. No one would like to have everything they do online, spied upon by the government. This is the reason why many people have opted for VPN services. The best VPN for USA will ensure your privacy online is fully protected.

The following is a list to help you pick the best VPN for USA

Express VPN

Express VPN tops the list of best VPN for USA because it has apps in different platforms, its download speed is quite impressive, and their software is very easy to use. It also has some other good features such as server location recommendations and automatic protocol selection. It also boasts 24/7 customer support and highly reliable VPN network that has several hundreds of servers and spans across 33 countries. They are adding new locations to their network with the goal of extending their services to the world.
Private Internet Access

PIA is based in the United States. It is rated #2 in the list of best VPN for USA because it doesn’t keep logs and encourages the users to register to its network using email addresses which can be disposed. It also accepts anonymous online payments. It has taken admirable steps to protect the user privacy and its speeds are excellent. The VPN client has great features such as internet ‘kill switch’ in case of loss of VPN server connection. It also has an excellent DNS leak protection feature.


Pure VPN has an excellently developed software and website and its customer service is also superb. It is based in Hong Kong, a country that doesn’t have many regulations, and so there is high likelihood they won’t store your details. Although in their terms and conditions they don’t explicitly state that they will not store your details, they have built good reputation of protecting privacy over the years they have been offering VPN service.


BT Guard is one of the best VPN for USA. It is super-secure, keeps no logs and accepts anonymous payment through BitCoins.

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