How VPN Works

Iranian-Government-to-Sell-VPN-ServicesA very well designed VPN service will give you benefits using a number of methods to keep your data and connection safe and secure. Here are just a few of those ways;

Data Confidentiality

This is one of the most important services that a VPN will provide you with. It is very important because of the fact that your data travels over a public network and hence should go with some form of protection from infiltration by outside threats.  Data confidentiality is attained by encrypting the data which a VPN network attains very effectively. In essence VPN works by taking all the data that is coming from one computer and encoding the data in a form that the other computer will be able to decode. VPNs encode the data using a number of protocols such as IPSec, PPTP and L2TP.

Data Integrity

The encryption of data is very important but making sure that the data has not been changed in any way on its way to the other computer is equally  important.  A good VPN provider will not only ensure that the data is correctly encrypted but that the data is not changed or interfered with in any way. Many VPNs will also authenticate the origin of the data which is extremely important in order to guard against a number of attacks that may originate from the sender.

Data Tunneling

This is the process of encapsulating a data packet completely with another data packet and then sending it over a network. It is very effective especially when the origin of the traffic would like to remain anonymous. VPN uses this process to ensure anonymity and therefore complete security for both the data receiver and the originator of the data. Tunneling requires three other protocols to ensure that it efficiently provides the necessary security. These protocols are the passenger protocol, encapsulating protocol and the carrier protocol. The passenger protocol is the one responsible for the encapsulating process which is  put into the carrier protocol that is used by the network towards which the information is traveling.  The passenger protocol is also responsible for the encryption process.

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